Volvo S60 Safety Features to Consider

Our team at Serafini Volvo Cars wanted to help educate our audience as to a number of reasons why the new Volvo S60 is so popular. The Blind Spot Information system allows for the driver of the Volvo S60 to be able to basically see behind them while driving on the highway. If another vehicle moves into either of the blind spots around your vehicle, the side mirror on that corresponding side is going to flash so you know that particular lane is not safe to move into at this point.

If the Volvo S60 is beginning to drift out of the lane lines, this is when the Lane-Keeping System takes action. Although this system is constantly monitoring the road surface by way of laser technology, if the vehicle starts to slowly drift out of the lane, then the steering wheel vibrates in an effort to get the attention of the driver to take action.



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